About Us

About us

BCC Healthcare is a branding and marketing agency working for renowned healthcare brands having a worldwide presence. We have rendered our services to help healthcare brands have an excellent reach in their target markets. With an expertise gained over a decade we help healthcare brands deliver better communication and widen their horizon in brand presence. BCC Healthcare has created campaigns that have struck the right chord in the right people. We don’t create campaigns through that one ting moment; our campaigns are a result of pure knowledge about client’s target cohort, market segregation for that particular client and the stream of patient journeys that flow in their hospital.

We strive hard to add value to our client’s business through rich creatives and in-depth strategies. Our specialized services for healthcare branding range from desktop deliverables to 3-dimensional projection technology. We are more than just an agency we are brand partners on a pursuit of sheer success of our clients.

We also lead healthcare brands we nurture on the digital front. As digital marketing is the new now we have catapulted many healthcare campaigns and healthcare brand’s reach through online marketing. Our customized websites are strongly built both technically and aesthetically. BCC Healthcares digital team has served more than 20 Healthcare brands in all aspects of digital marketing like affluent SEO and engaging social media marketing.

We have extended our services to managing and promoting Healthcare events and conference like Hospital business management and CMEs to not let our clients miss even a tinge of market exposure they deserve. BCC Healthcare gobbles the globe when it comes to exploring new scope of business for clients. We engage in market development initiatives for our client to extract the fullest from opportunities like medical tourism.

Our value system as an agency is to walk that extra mile to promise our clients extra ordinary results, We understand healthcare industry and curate marketing strategies with respect to very specific business problems and edges. We believe in contextual creativity and research insight oriented strategy than just superficial branding and marketing rituals. We don’t believe in one size fits all solution, we study our clients business in their own context, their own patient trends and business factors that are not generic in nature. Understanding our client’s business gives us the power to package our services to the client’s advantage.

Over the years BCC Healthcare has escalated the holistic brand image of healthcare brands that were budding, plateauing and rapidly growing in healthcare market with strategic solutions. We share our client’s brand mission and vision, we bring them to action and let them enjoy the results of having a strong healthcare brand with a stronger presence. A number of healthcare brands who trust us are now experiencing a bigger, brighter and a productive journey like never before.