All about Public Health Awareness Campaign

Health Awareness Campaigns are one of the most functional elements in health system that push people to create that big change to eradicate or lessen the unhealthy impact the health issue. Healthcare Awareness Campaigns are meat to trigger that action of change, promise a healthier society with long standing impact in the society.

History of healthcare campaigns that brought down rates of epidemics, communicable diseases by spreading nail hitting messages. Campaigns that let people know of diseases that people weren’t known to before, awareness campaigns that give out powerful messages on prevention and cure of a certain health disease.

As a healthcare branding and marketing agency we carry a huge responsibility to create that ideally healthy society through communicating in people’s voice. Mending a new voice that is set out to change the world is every healthcare campaign’s ambition.

In this blog you will read how to create those ground breaking campaigns with proper strategy and streamlined creativity. Get to know how to create the best healthcare campaign for your target audience to relate to you in the best way possible.

How to create a Public Health awareness campaign?

Creating a campaign in itself is a serious task of putting together right amount of ideas, strategies, intuitions and effort in all the right places to result in a promising impact. Public Health awareness campaigns are little more challenging as they have a greater responsibility of forcing heads to turn and then minds to change.

Go through this step by step process to kick-start and land up making that one great campaign about the cause you have planned for:

Step 1: Choose your subject wisely

A health awareness campaign’s major root is the issue it is talking about. The more specific it is the more better it is.

Zero down to one cause that’s bothering your people, make that one pain point the hero of your campaign. Chart out every single entity of the campaign in a way that it all gets back to the cause or the health issue you have decided o tackle through your health awareness campaign.

Step 2: Jot your goals

Knowing your goals even before arriving at a full grown idea for your awareness campaign is essential because campaigns with perfectly set goals know where to knock, where to scream aloud, and where to instigate change through subtle noise.

Zero on your goal with respect to other further parameters we are going to tell you through this article. Making a campign work for you and your target community is possible only when you are able to clearly foresee what your campaign should be doing in totality.

Step 3: Know your target audience

The success of your campaign is proportional to how up close and personal it got to your target cohort. Draw a clear picture of who your campaign should be talking to. Select your target cohort by keeping your goal and subject, your target cohort needs to be studied by different aspects to make your campaign have a strong hold on people.

A campaign needs to flow through lives of your target audience, it shouldn’t become a message that people pass by but a message that hits people. That becomes so close to your target audience that they imbibe the message never get over it fully, this perhaps is the only way to kindle people to think and act about the particular health issue and cause you have chosen.

Psychographic market segmentation & analysis:

Knowing your audience deeply requires a deep market analysis in every aspect possible. Taking health awareness campaigns requires an in-depth knowledge of people’s lifestyle, attitudes, belief and value systems and other soft factors that actually matter big while a campaign comes to action.

Demographic market segmentation & analysis:

Analyse your target market in the most important aspect- collect information on how many from your target audience are men, women, earning, potential patients with respect to the health issue you have chosen as your cause. If it is AIDS then take an account of adolescent and adult population, see how many are prone to it and spread the message accordingly.

Sentiment analysis of your target audience:

Every message with respect to your target audience has to be in perfect concurrence with the target audience’s value systems, belief systems and every intangible factor that can affect how your campaign will be received. Making a perfect in sync campaign for your target audience is really important for markets that have unique sensibilities and audience with their own abilities of comprehension, strategizing your communication accordingly is equally important.

Step 4: Choose your style

Every campaign should craft its own place in the market space that is overcrowded by several salesy campaigns. The awareness campaign you create has to have a unique style in approaching the mass and eventually captivating them. Only when you catch and capitalize on the sentiments specific to your target group.

See which emotion will melt them, subtly hit them and make them put on their thinking cap-Craft your campaign accordingly.

Step 5: Build from scratch

Building your campaign from scratch requires proper structure and planning to implement it to perfection. First jot down every single drop of idea you want your campaign to carry. Now that you know your target group by skin and flesh choose which idea will work for whom.

Gather your team choose all the base points, finalise the message you want to deliver. Building your campaign has to set the right tone for further development of creatives and targeted messages which are the most crucial part of your campaign.

Step 6: The edge called creativity

After having the base idea of your campaign finalized and ready, all that you have to do is to make your campaign come alive. Design your communication not as you want but as your target audience will want it.

Your communication has to command the attention and become the most memorable part of your health awareness campaign.

Roll on your sleeves arrive at a caption that instigates curiosity. A one that makes people go gaga about what the campaign is all about.

Choose the visuals that convey the message as effectively as you wanted it to be conveyed.

Communicate through colours, symbols and every smallest entity on the creatives that you designed.

Optimise the same creatives for social media channels, PR releases, across web pages.

Remember that these are the components that are going to touch the mass directly. It is not the explanation that you have in your mind which is going to work wonders but rather this creative output that will stay long and deep root your campaign in the hearts of your target audience.

Step 7: Choose your channels wisely

Once the communication is constructed, sewed together and grown out of gestation. It is your duty to get it out there in all the right ways possible. To make your campaign unleash its fullest potential make it great through the mediums you choose to communicate it through.

Print Medium:

PR for every campaign is the most important segment that requires a lot of logistics and media planning from your side. Offline PR has to have a set of press releases, an array of communication that pushes the reach of the message forward and forward.

Online Medium:

Create an exclusive website for your health awareness campaign.

While traditional awareness captains crave for citizen’s attention, new age awareness campaigns have an extra responsibility of grabbing netizen’s attention. Through a website you can make people register for your offline awareness events.

Keep your target audience updated about each step you are taking to make your cause reach every right door steps.

Social Media platforms:

Propagating the cause across platforms is the most efficient form of making your message reach all the netizens without missing any. In social media you can customize and optimise the content as per the audience pattern you have zeroed on.

Step 8: Analyse and tweak

Analyse where you campaign is going strong, where it is triggering and initializing maximum word of mouth. Tracking online attraction through different tools and measures can help you analyse the campaign and register how well it has met your objectives and goals.

Analysing your campaign and finding out all the loop holes that can probably affect the overall impact will eventually make your campaign grown from strength to strength, from channel to channel of propagating a message.

Step 9: Fund raising

Public Health Associations have to raise considerable amount of funds to make the campaign more happening by extending its reach, buying more media or even finding new ways to propagate the message. Once the campaign is over, there should be some action plan to impact the actual cause you have chosen to build the campaign for and this needs funds. Period!

Fund Raising is not as challenging as it sounds, it can be made easier by having a collection portal in your website. Social Media sites like facebook, twitter and others through which you promote the cause can also be used for collecting funds.

Step 10: Bring actual action alive

The purpose of a Health Awareness Campaign is more than just getting the message across. It is meant to save the world, change the world and create a change that is measurable. Any cause that you have chosen will be served the fullest only when an actual healthcare issue is being discussed for betterment or eradication. Organize real-time health camps independently or encourage Hospitals and other healthcare centers to join hands with you in taking the cause campaign further by bringing actual solution through action.

How an expert can help you in creating the best health awareness campaign?

Creating Public Health Awareness Campaigns is not a child’s play. The very fact that the strongest selling point in the campaign is the non-profitable public interest makes it hard for the campaign to meet its ends leave alone the ultimate goal.

Remarkable public health campaigns are those that deliver the hitting message to right target audience, create the right impact and goes on to stay in people’s mind and heart forever. This is a result that can be achieved through professional planning, strategizing, re-planning and executing the plan to perfection. Experts who have been in the show can track patterns with every campaign and possibly foresee where each one is going. This is a major advantage while handing over the responsibility or even taking an expert’s help.

1) Strategy

Strategy is not a mere intuition with logic but a partly scientific and partly intuitive ambitiousness that comes out of experience and subject matter expertise. Especially in subjects like Public Health dealing with strategic communication is important than merely communicating.

Building a strategic campaign is always safer than being lead by what you and a few around you “think” might work. This can be done by systematically approaching both your cause and your audience and then arriving at a feasible way in connecting both, making each reach the other.

2) Budgeting

Budgeting for a public awareness campaign is crucial as you want it to reach as much as possible among your wide target group. Choosing your media channels wisely, planning how much you want to spend for each social media channels and how you are going to share the funds that are going to come your way are the questions you have to ask yourself.

The experts know which channels are the ones that suit your campaign goal and make you reach your target audience without much struggle and hassle. Media planning and PR planning are crucial zones for campaigns to become successful in their own way.

3) Target cohort analysis

How clearly you know your target audience is how close your campaign will get to them. And how do you get to know them is a billion dollar question that can be cracked only through perfect means and methods through which persona analysis is done. The experts who have been in the domain for quite some time know the audience’s pulse and also abpout how often they change. They know where to cash on sentiments and where to bring in pure logic. Experts who know target group by skin and flesh are hard to find, but once found take avail their services and consultation for making your message reach all the right doors.


Public Health Awareness Campaign is the best way to make millions aware about a particular health issue that has been haunting the society. Bringing a rare disease to public notice, spreading messages on prevention and cure of certain diseases and letting people know how a health issue can haunt the society on a whole.

All this can be solved through effective, strategic and creative communication that compels people to get an information download.

Attention is the new currency!

These days there is such a load of content on the internet and outdoor that people can pick and choose what they want to know about and what they think is unnecessary to them, in a ever chaotic war-zone of content and persuasion it is difficult for a Public Health Awareness campaign to cut across the crowd and make it through. But things can be simplified and achieving your campaign’s ultimate goal can be possible when you approach every step in campaign creation in the right way.