What Is A Brand Standard Manual? Why Your Healthcare Business Needs One?

Branding is not a luxury it is a necessity and so is a brand standard module that comes with it. Branding is all about creating a unique and most meaningful identity for your healthcare business. Ample amount of time, thoughts, energy and resources go into creating a brand around your business. A brand standard manual is a material that carries do's and dont's with a brand identity.

” To rule the world you have to define a rule”

Brand standards are the rules around a brand identity that state the proper usage of the brand identities. It states how, where, and when your corporate identity should be used. A brand standard manual is all about constructing a constitution around the empire that you have built.

A Brand standard manual is all about a logo

  •    A logo is crafted after a deep understanding of the business and its target customers. Every nuance of a logo makes a great difference to the brand identity.

  •    At no cost, one can compromise on the details of the logo. The colour style and symbolism of a logo is zeroed on with a lot of speculation on the business’s personality.

  •   A logo rationale accompanies a logo in a brand standard manual to justify the usage of a specific finalized colour, style, font and symbolism.

  •    A brand standard manual also says that the finalized choice of different properties of a logo cannot be changed in any context because it would create diversions in the rooted brand image among the target audience and it would also lead to significant distortions of the brand image/personality.

  •    Brand Standards manual also draws boundaries that clearly mention a logo’s application areas.

  •   It states what size variations a logo can take in order to fit different approved applications.

  •   A brand standard manual also demonstrates and clearly restricts various incorrect usages of the logo.

Why you need a brand standard manual?

Even a million dollar business is boiled down to their brand images and identities. Such an effortful process being thrown open to distortion will prove to be hazardous for your brand image and your business. To protect the sanctity around your carefully curated brand properties a rulebook or protocol stating how, where and when to use it is mandatory. Having a strong brand and not having a brand standards manual is like leaving a luxury car without insurance.

Just like logo forms the head of your brand’s body, its proper usage will guarantee you the best returns for your brand and the investments you made in creating it. A Brand standard manual is not just a superficial rulebook but it is one that lays boundaries to avoid the dilution of the effectiveness that comes with your brand identity or the impact that your logo can create.

Futuristic approach to brand’s identity management is as important as expanding your market share. A comprehensive and non-ambiguous brand standard manual will take your business forward with an identity that is constant from day one till date. A constant brand identity will account for the prolific journey your brand legacy has had in the market.

Strong and uncompromised implementation of your brand standard manual is important to experience the best form of your brand’s existence in the following ways.


A protocol for maintaining the uniformity of your brand identity is a must in making your good results endure along with showing your brand image deeply. Brand standards manual help to ensure the same process is carried out irrespective of the changes in the various other logistics of a brand like geographical location.


A brand standard manual assures that it will make your brand legacy last long. Unadulterated implementation of the manual will guarantee a bright future for the brand. When the logo is distorted or every single time it goes away from the protocol it loses credibility and it means you are compromising on your brand’s future.


Expansion in every aspect of the business is a goal for every business which seems far when the amount of competition is taken into account. But through the implementation of a brand standard module, you maintain the solid rigidity of your brand's identity. So when you expand and carry forward your business you add weight to it through your previous achievements, strength and credibility to your next and further endeavours.