CMEs are extremely important in a field like healthcare as the industry keeps changing from time to time. CMEs are one specialized form of events that proves to be useful for a healthcare brand in several different ways.

BCC Healthcare has managed CMEs for clients to enrich their presence in the market. We believe that educative content and conferences is the way forward for any healthcare brand to cut through the noise and carve its own niche to achieve greater results. CME is one such opportunity where we market your healthcare brand through the event, this enables any healthcare brand to reach its long term goal sooner than ever.

What we do to make CMEs happening for your healthcare brand?

1) Event strategy

Even though CMEs are events that are completely technical in nature we pump it up with carefully curated strategies that aim to make your healthcare brand reach door steps you haven’t dreamt before. Strategic approach to CMEs are as important as selecting the theme for a CME.

A CME not reached is a CME not done.

So take expert brand strategist's help in finalizing the whole CME plan from introducing the idea to bringing the whole idea to life.

2) Exclusive creatives

For making any CME an integral part of the brand and yet making it appears as a standalone event requires a package of creatives that are compelling for the target audience. Creatives made for CMEs should synchronize well with the brand personality, the colour palette and logo's purview across creatives should not be compromised.

3) Online promotion

We create an exclusive website to get footfalls through online registration. Delegates and other doctors attending CMEs search online to watch out for any new CME on their way. We key in the social media pages to the website created exclusively for the event. CMEsare rigorously promoted through Hospital's facebook page and an exclusive event page to target potential audience is also actively promoted.

4) Event souvenirs

The giveaways planned for any event should carry and uphold the healthcare brand's presence along with it. We plan and curate apt souvenirs for your healthcare brand to stay with your delegates. Physicians will now remember your brand for the memory your CME has created.

5) Post CME PR and promotion

Post CME we take care promoting the glimpses f the event online through healthcare brand’s social media pages and youtube channel. We do comprehensive media planning for the event. By collecting testimonials we kindle organic promotion of the event. We ensure that success of every CME conducted by healthcare brand repeats itself.


FETO is a CME we successfully managed for our beloved client Deepam Specialty Hospital. FETO a program based on fertility as a specialization brought together specialists from across the country to share knowledge about new methods of treatment and diagnosis for delivering excellent fertility care.

FETO saw huge footfalls from expert physicians practicing fetal medicine and gynaecology as their core specialization.FETO had exclusive website to get footfalls through online registration. Delegates and other doctors who participated came to FETO though online promotions. More than 60% of attendees were strangers to Deepam who now hold the brand close to their hearts for the unmatched quality of knowledge update.FETO was also rigorously promoted through Deepam Specialty Hospital's facebook page and had an exclusive event page to target potential audience.

Deepam Specialty Hospital holds FETO 2018 as an event that increased their brand value and awareness in manifolds within the industry. The CME was put together and promoted by us, from crafting the invite to post event promotion we did it all with ambitious passion to make Deepam Specialty Hospital a bigger brand than before.

BCC Healthcare @FETO 2018

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