Promoted events

BCC Healthcare takes great joy and pride in promoting platforms that encourage a holistic growth of the healthcare industry. We deliver promotional services for healthcare events across the globe. In our mission to spread knowledge and thoughtfulness being a part of ambitious forums and events play a huge role.

We follow our 360 degree promotion principle for all the events we take up to promote. Right from deciding the concept, strategy, exclusive logo for the event to all digital assets for the event we do it all. We create one exclusive website to promote the event and key in all social media pages of the event to the website.

What we do?

1. Catching the event’s pulse

We plan healthcare conferences with respect to requirements or ideas suggested, events that we plan cater to specific sectors of the healthcare industry. So we decide who the event should attract? How it can attract? And what is the main idea nad intent behind the healthcare event or conferences.

We go deep into the organizer’s intention to hold the event with respect to its size and choice of target audience. We first listen to what the event calls for and then try to deliver accordingly. A prefect promotion concept for the event will emerge only from comprehending the key factors that can affect the reach of the event.

2. Conceptualize

We conceptualize our marketing plan for our every event initial themes that can affect the reach of the event. Conceptualizing based on the theme freezed for the event. To promote the event on full swing we make sure that every single promotional entity created particularly for that event binds into one single weave that pulls people to not miss the event.

3. Develop strategies

To make the event reach heights we pick and choose the right set of skills from our repotire. From the given brief we foresee the event and look for opportunities where we can add value and take the event’s reach to level next. Creatively strategizing for an event is important for making the intention behind every mammoth event unleash its fullest potential of reach and impact.

4. Plan effective deliverables

Each event calls for a new and fresh set of deliverables. From event orientation kit to event organizer’s promotional material everything should be aligned with the theme of the event. Different set of event deliverables should be prepared to stimulate the increase in number of exhibitors, participators and potential participants. Special brochures, orientation kits, who’s who listed overview of the event and customized event invites should be curated.

5. Event assets

From exclusive event logo, event website to event promotional materials every effort taken for pulling off the event has to make an impact on the D-Day. To market the event without compromising on quality driven approach BCC Healthcare takes great care to deliver the best.