Fertility Marketing

With the rapid growth of healthcare sector there is one niche that has mushroomed suddenly in recent half-decade and has been doing really well. The primary and the very obvious reason being the shooting up of the number of infertility patients who are seeking medical help every year, one cannot ignore the growth of fertility brands parallel in even the smallest section of the market.

We as healthcare branding and marketing agency have worked in vicinity with very significant fertility brands both in the local market and national, we have seen the need for fertility marketing not just as marketing agency but as an industry insider itself.

1. What is fertility marketing?

Fertility Marketing is the super specialized marketing specialization in healthcare marketing itself that looks to grow any fertility brand’s business through performing the every required marketing function stitched seamlessly with the soft factors that fertility talks about.

2. Top 5 signs your fertility brand is craving for support

All fertility brands are keen on taking a wholesome plunge into marketing and advertising their fertility brand extensively to grow in their chosen marketing. But are all of them being if not pro at least successfully amateur at it? It’s a question that perhaps brands should ask themselves.

  • 1. Your recent campaign has not done well
  • 2. You are not able to find your brand’s tone despite running a few campaigns in the past
  • 3. Your brand manager hasn’t been able to stay concurrent to your brand’s value, image or desired perception in market
  • 4. Many campaigns to boast of but none to satisfaction
  • 5. Your brand wants to address a number of health issues through creative communication but you don’t know start where

So a number of fertility clients have we have encountered have fallen in one of the above mentioned categories. This can be cured only with effective brand partnership with an agency that clearly knows these pain points like its own.

3. Why do fertility brands need a specialized marketer at hand?

Healthcare marketing itself is a niche that needs a tailor made understanding, interpretation and implementation of concepts adept to healthcare brands. In that fertility marketing is a super-niche that has to be operated with ardent care and sensitivity with a mindset of dealing with an issue the society is dealing with.

This rather needs more in-depth understanding of patient behaviour, psycho-metrics and socio-metrics to make each fertility brand push the envelope in its own unique way.

A specialized marketer will perhaps bring ideas and strategies not only to catch up with the spree of campaigns going on in the fertility segment but also study the brand in the context of its own target audience, tone of communication and positioning in the target market.

Even though BCC Healthcare is an agency that specializes in Healthcare and mainly in fertility marketing, our very base of treating or serving each client is different according to the client’s stated and the brand’s unstated demands. We believe so that every healthcare marketer and fertility marketer is committed to a fertility specialty brand in a way that the brand asks for.

4. 10 Things you need to know about fertility marketing

1. Fertility marketing is different from generic healthcare marketing

By nature fertility marketing calls for a different approach than other specialties in healthcare marketing. Fertility is often come across as something that’s always a hush-hush matter and health issues regarding the same are brushed under the carpet. So take a very very responsible tone when you start off with fertility marketing.

2. Fertility marketing has to strike a subtle chord

Fertility marketing has to not just make noise but touch people’s lives and hearts. It’s a topic that touches people who relate to the pain the topic addresses and happiness it promises. So take even minutest step should be taken with utmost care.

3. There are social issues to address, not just campaigns to make

We as a society have been battling with endless patriarchy, stereotyping, stigma around infertility which has given raise to a number of issues. Fertility is a very sensitive topic that can form the base to an argument as a part of opening up a dialogue in these topics. So make sure you utilise the unique opportunity fertility as a specialization can give you.

4. Every brand has to cut-across the crowd not jump into the bandwagon

Make sure with respect to campaigns you generate in promoting fertility services you say something unique, something that other brands don’t often attempt to say or something that people always wanted to hear but never dared to tell themselves. Break open stigmas than saying the same stories that your competitors often play safe with.

5. Understand that...it’s more than procedures that cure fertility

Take it from our side that you or your healthcare brand are going to get nearly zero leverage from creating marketing communication that talk about and just about the services your fertility brand offers. Push your brand’s horizon by making your brand promise a bigger cure, a cure to patient’s trauma due to infertility or a cure to the whole society that makes a fertility issues a bigger deal than what they are.

6. Make patient education your priority then, patient acquisition

This is one such rare specialty that everyone wants to hear about, learn about and be aware about but the education that comes from experts is very less. So cater to the need, make enough marketing attempts to educate as many as possible.

7. Educate people on reproductive health at large

While it comes to education it is important that you realize you need to educate not just your target audience but the near and far to that also. Reproductive health is something that adolescents, teens and adults or well matured beings they all need it. We all need to get educated about things that we consider a taboo, private or just not so discussable by and large in the society.

8. Busting myths is a head-start to fertility marketing

Ironically fertility and the topics around are secrets that everybody knows. For an issue that’s so important and left undiscussed the demand for information is high this becomes a loophole for myths to penetrate in. Bust them NOW, shout from your hospital’s rooftop that what we all are made to believe about infertility might not be true.

9. Dear doctors, it’s your time to drape your cape!

Fertility marketing has a big responsibility that healthcare professionals have to deal with. Take ardent care in making use of the responsibility in a way that benefits people at large and also your healthcare brand. Become super-heroes who propagate fertility to reach your long-term goal in a shorter while.

10.Always address the bigger issue, the bigger audience to satisfy the ultimate purpose of your existence as a fertility brand

Fertility Marketing is a bigger cause in itself. So make your marketing activities aim big than they are told to. Conduct behemoth marketing campaigns that promote healthy messages related to fertility through unconventional channels and ways. Make it massy, let the messages ring and reverb in your audience’s ears for years.

We would love to hear from you…

Please tell us how you view fertility marketing different from other generic marketing processes. Tell us which campaign in the recent past has struck the right chord at the right time in the right audience.