How To Get International Patients

Medical tourism in India is the new boom in Healthcare as the number of international patients flying down to receive treatment is on a hike like never before. Medical tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry which is growing with the support of government, tourism and healthcare.

The key selling points of the Indian medical tourism industry are the combination of high quality facilities, competent, English-speaking medical professionals, “cost effectiveness” and the attractions of tourism. The difference between the cost of opting medical procedures in first world countries is almost 5 to 10 times of that in India.

People fly across oceans to get treated only when they know that your healthcare institution provides high quality services. Medical tourism is one big factor which has exponentially multiplied healthcare provider’s potential patient base hence making maximum use of such international patients, will let your healthcare institution increase the number of success stories. But is your healthcare organization updated enough to accommodate, treat and take care of international patients?

International patients choose their care provider with a lot of speculation on not just the quality of service provided, since they are going to spend considerable amount of time in another country they look at various other facilities like comfort, care and other hospitality factors. Does your hospital provide all the necessary facilities that gives exact reasons for people from any part of the world to select you?

The following steps will help you increase the international patient count:

Online Presence:

Your hospital website is the first and best source of information about your brand. The only way international patients can have an insight into your institution is through the website, make exclusive content for your hospital that is easily digestible by international patients.

Online Application:

Have space for receiving online application from the international patient and send a breakdown of the specified treatment to the potential patient.


Take all necessary measures to give enough clarity to the patients about the treatment they are going to receive. Coordinate with the patient to fix every necessary step to treat the patient with adequate care concern and provide enough details about the process of their treatment journey.


Starting from consultation, treatment, procedure, post-treatment care and medication keep the patient well informed about the cost and other specifics about the whole experience.

Team Training Orientation:

Make their patient journey as hassle free as possible, inviting patients from nook and corner of the world will require crystal clear explanation of the treatments provided. Prior introduction to the doctor and other medical professional who will guide them throughout their experience will increase the factor of reliability and trust.

Exclusive Desk:

Have exclusive administration and reception desks for international patients, make their paper work easier and less time consuming.

Relationship managers:

Have your customer relationship managers putting extra efforts with your international patients, make necessary arrangements for their accommodation and other comfort needs. Get things planned not just for the patient but also for their guardian.