How to leverage the boom in Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism in India is the new boom in Healthcare as the number of international patients flying down to receive treatment is on a hike like never before. Medical tourism is a multi-million dollar industry which is growing with the support of government, tourism and of course the healthcare industry as a whole. Year after year the number of people looking to travel abroad for treatment is more than the previous, which means the growth is uphill.

The key selling points of the Indian medical tourism industry are the combination of high-quality facilities, competent English-speaking medical professionals, cost effectiveness and the attractions of tourism. The difference between the cost of opting medical procedures in first world countries is almost 5 to 10 times of that in India.

People fly across oceans to get treated only when they know that your healthcare institution provides high quality services. Medical tourism is one big factor which has exponentially multiplied healthcare provider’s potential patient base hence making maximum use of such international patients, will let your healthcare institution increase the number of success stories. But is your healthcare organization updated enough to accommodate, treat and take care of international patients?

International patients choose their care provider with a lot of speculation on not just the quality of service provided, since they are going to spend considerable amount of time in another country they look at various other facilities like comfort, care and other hospitality factors. Does your hospital provide all the necessary facilities that gives exact reasons for people from any part of the world to select you?

The brochure decides the outcome of the event, yes! We mean it. As an agency we always suggest our clients to make brochures to reduce their in-person marketing efforts and plainly to communicate the message more effectively without an iota of dilution in the intention of reaching out to that receiver.

7 Basic pre-requisites that suggest that you are ready to tackle the in-flow of international patients

1. A great Online Presence:

Your hospital website is the first and best source of information about your brand. The only way international patients can have an insight into your institution is through the website, make exclusive content for your hospital that is easily digestible by international patients.

2. Online Application gateway:

Have space for receiving online application from the international patient and send a breakdown of the specified treatment to the potential patient.

3. Properly channeled FAQs:

Take all necessary measures to give enough clarity to the patients about the treatment they are going to receive. Coordinate with the patient to fix every necessary step to treat the patient with adequate care concern and provide enough details about the process of their treatment journey.

4. Incorporating transparency in Costing:

Starting from consultation, treatment, procedure, post-treatment care and medication keep the patient well informed about the cost and other specifics about the whole experience.

5. Quality Team Training Orientation:

Make their patient journey as hassle free as possible, inviting patients from nook and corner of the world will require crystal clear explanation of the treatments provided. Prior introduction to the doctor and other medical professional who will guide them throughout their experience will increase the factor of reliability and trust.

6. Exclusive Desk:

Have exclusive administration and reception desks for international patients, make their paper work easier and less time consuming.

7. Dedicated relationship managers:

Have your customer relationship managers putting extra efforts with your international patients, make necessary arrangements for their accommodation and other comfort needs. Get things planned not just for the patient but also for their guardian

5 Reasons Medical Tourism is the way ahead for healthcare brands

There are a number of brands that have actually exhausted their potential in the local market or are probably going to tap on once touched targets no matter how hard they try. But the global market is promising by itself. It promises new inflow of patients with health issues that have specialized treatments for. The process of acquiring an international patient, satisfactorily serving them and then making them spread the good in their country is important to get the circle of international patient acquisition.

1.New market expansion

Like stated and well known when your target market size in itself is small, what you get out of it is perhaps jot your optimum result. As there is a bigger world outside waiting for the same services that you think you offer for your target market only, there is a large potential part of the pie you will be overlooking at if you restricted yourself to your local target market.

2.Rare specialties start to serve better

India is a an opening marketing to a lot of rarely practiced medical technologies or treatments which involve the same. This is an opportunity that medical tourism can exploit by making enough patients choose that one rare treatment they are looking to opt. Medical tourism facilitates patients to choose from several service providers than just the one who is available in the vicinity to their hometown.

3.Referral network multiplies tremendously

When you don’t restrict your target to a particular boundary but are just interested to cater to as many as possible. When you are in dearth of not patients but enough opportunities to utilise your expertise to solve the ultimate issues of people by guaranteeing them good health. And, when you are patient enough to not drop down on market size because of your past chart on patient metrics but ambitious enough to crack the art of acquiring and multiplying international patients. Well, then medical tourism will happen to you!

Successful medical tourism utilising brands are those that have that confidence of treating international patients. These international patients then return to their hometown and then spread the goodness of a healthcare brand that has perhaps changed their lives to better.

4.Establish a competitive edge

When all healthcare brands near you look stick to tradition methods and means to reach the right people but your brand goes berserk and makes a statement saying be it however long but you will go on to satisfy your That's the extent to which medical tourism can promise a competitive edge to any healthcare brand thats looking to step a strong foot in it.

5. Being international strengthens your regional presence

When you cater to a global market there is always an impression enhancer to the regional market as well. People who thought about you as a yet another healthcare provider will now consider being your patient as a matter of status symbol. It is only smart that healthcare brands also move ahead in the triangle of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and not stay stagnant by being boxed in purely underestimated use of their own potential.

6 Reasons India is one of the most desirable destinations for international patients

Over time and booming big-time healthcare brands India has become one of the major very desirable healthcare destination for potential international patients because of the following:

  • 1. Quality standards
  • 2. Cost-effectiveness
  • 3. English speaking professionals
  • 4. Cutting edge treatments in all specialties
  • 5. Attractiveness as a tourist destination
  • 6. Compassion inbuilt in country’s motto

The only powerful way to kick-start medical tourism NOW is - Healthcare Exhibitions

There are a number of opportunities that healthcare brands can use to their advantage of being in the Medical Tourism sphere. Healthcare exhibitions held in different countries across the world is a big leveraging factor for healthcare brands that aim at global brand awareness, presence or collaboration.

Medicare 2020-The road ahead

If you are a brand that is ready to go berserk into action then there are enough opportunities waiting for you in the near future. Arab Health 2020 is perhaps the biggest healthcare expo globally and also Medicare 2020 is nearing your calendar. Medicare 2020 is the biggest healthcare expo in Sri Lanka that brings together the best of the healthcare industry for perhaps all the stakeholders involved. Make enough in every opportunity given… remember NOW is always the right time to start.

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