Medical Equipment Manufacturers

Medical equipments, also known as armamentarium are devices sometimes integrated with software used my medical practitioners to diagnose, monitor and treat medical conditions. Medical equipments vary according to their intended use. They range from simple devices such as hearing aid, medical thermometers to high end equipments such as advanced computer systems that help in implants, testing, prosthetics and man more.

Targeting the decision makers

Often physicians are directly approached by medical equipment manufacturing companies to market their product. The target is to make sure the equipment is tried by the doctor in a medical situation (for example) and also the doctor has to be satisfied with the performance of the equipment. The medical equipment used by the doctor needs to be approved by the healthcare system that he is a part of. The medical equipment company must develop good relationships with both the surgeons whose recommendation to the hospital play a role in which brand is selected and the healthcare organisation that make the ultimate purchase decision.

Product demonstrations

Organising medical equipment promotions in hospitals and medical education systems that invites the doctors to a presentation and demonstration of your medical equipment is needed to show why your product is superior to your competitors. The impression that is formed by the doctors of the company on your medical equipment plays a major role in their decision to use your equipment.

Marketing Medical equipment with value based care

Healthcare systems are always looking for ways to improve patient care while minimising costs. Value-based care is gaining more attention from healthcare systems in comparison with the fee-for-service model. Medical device companies are quickly evolving their approach to potential customers and are also modifying their products to fit in with the value-based care system. Marketing medical equipment with the value-based care angle relies on clearly demonstrating data that signifies its main clinical benefits.

When marketing any product, it’s important that the key messages of the marketing strategy are focused on the benefits of that product. Marketing a medical device for the value-based care audience should contain messaging aimed toward both the physician as well as the patient.