Meet BCC Healthcare at Medicare, Colombo 2019

BCC Healthcare is privileged to attend Sri Lanka’s Biggest Healthcare Expo Medicare 2019. We are looking forward to extend the scope of our services to healthcare brands in Sri Lanka or the ones visiting Medicare 2019.

Meet the expert Mohammed Ilias Director of BCC Healthcare to solve your healthcare business issues. Book an appointment now to save your slot. One discussion is all that it takes to kick start or revamp your healthcare branding and marketing program and take your healthcare brand to the level next.

1. Get a free consultation

Meet International Brand Strategist Mohammed Ilias and take the best insights for developing your healthcare brand. Use our consultation to your benefit. Get to know how you can make the best out of your healthcare brand. Let us throw some light on real business problems that you are facing and how you can overcome them through re-strategizing your branding and marketing plan.

2. Break open to new market opportunities

With a decade full of experience we have seen clients walking up to us and explaining what they are falling short of. To those clients we explain how they need not restrict their scope of their healthcare business. We show them a plethora of opportunities they can explore to unleash the fullest power of our healthcare business. Have a brief encounter with us to see new opportunities you have previously left unexplored.

3. See how expert perceives your marketing plan

You would have charted out your own marketing and branding plan but there is a lot of technical aspects going into it that experienced professionals can help you out with. Get expert feedback and suggestions to your already existing marketing plan. Allow us to show how better, bigger and efficient your branding and marketing plan can get.

4. Learn how you can improve your healthcare branding and marketing strategy

Learn the best from the best, we have escalated several healthcare brands with insights derived from real-time target cohort observation and analysis. We let you see the loopholes you have been blindsided to before. With the rich exposure of planning 360 degree marketing communication for all our brands we can help you restructure your branding and marketing program tailor made for your healthcare business.

5. Get all queries answered

Having several doubts and dilemmas for several healthcare providers is normal and healthy. We experts are here to clear the air for you. Jot down all questions aimed to up your marketing and branding game. Hear it from the horse’s mouth to arrive at the best marketing plan that aptly suits your healthcare brand.

6. Get to know BCC Healthcare personally

Meet us at Medicare 2019 to find how we can help you craft or re-craft a better branding and marketing plan. See how much difference BCC Healthcare has made to healthcare brands that were stagnant in the market, healthcare brands giant yet looking to grow big and brands that are budding in the ever crowded market.

NOW is the right time to Fix an Appointment. Book your slot don’t miss out on the golden opportunity to bless your business with the most rewarding business discussion on healthcare branding and marketing. You never know how big a difference a 10min discussion can make.
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