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BCC takes great zeal in being an exhibitor in Arab health 2019. We never overlook a chance to appeal to a wider audience who need our solution in extending their brand presence to level next.

What awaits you in BCC’s territory at Arab health 2019?

BCC Healthcare presents to you to the latest services in branding and marketing a healthcare business. We have put together exciting set of our services that have a proven track record of success nationally. We showcase all branding and marketing techniques that are catching up in the new paradigm of healthcare like Digital marketing, holistic branding, affluent market strategies, re-branding strategy and other exciting marketing solution. Our latest services are exciting holographic technology and other techno-creative services that could present your brand more effectively and communicate to new target markets innovatively.

Visit us at Arab Health 2019 to avail a quick yet thought provoking healthcare brand consultation.

7 reasons you shouldn’t miss Arab health 2019

Arab health 2019 is by far the largest healthcare expo in MENA region where doyens in the field of healthcare come together. This year the expo has attracted more than 4,150 exhibiting companies and 84,500 attendees from 160+ countries. All the healthcare organizations and those that serve the healthcare industry are putting their best foot forward to explore, learn and watch out for the Dubai market.

1. Best opportunity to explore new opportunities

The expo is a huge crowd puller it brings together people from nook and corner of the world and lets them connect with their target audience. Practioners, manufacturers, dealers-distributors and healthcare entrepreneurs from 160 countries are counting on this expo to establish and re-establish their presence in the market. Get new contacts into your kitty and leverage them for professional collaborations exchange knowledge about the industry.

2. Meet subject matter experts from all continents

Get a chance to meet and strike pro business conversations with subject matter experts from each area of specialization. Get to know which sector is booming and likely to sneak into your local market too. Meeting all experts at a time can leverage your contact base and increase your level of exposure to different updations in the market. When you interact with SMEs you get to hear it from horse’s mouth. SMEs from all segments working parallel with healthcare are on board, join the crew witness the best from the best.

3. Get easiest knowledge download through trainings, conferences and seminars

Several subject matter experts have not just registered for the expo but have exclusive sessions to spread what they know to people who want to know them. The series of conferences at Arab health expo is a comprehensive list of knowledge sessions that give you a complete idea about topics like orthopedics, surgery, radiology, quality maintenance and other specialties give you an exact picture of world class medical service.

Become a part of international CME to bring back world class ideas and implement international approach in your healthcare organization.

4. Network like never before

With so many doyens on one platform, the web of networks you can fish are never ending. Get quality contacts in your kitty, you never know how and where it will prove beneficial for your healthcare business. Arab health expo has a comprehensive list of attendees and exhibitors, the expo can tell you how many choices of solutions you have for any problem that you have encountered with your healthcare business. Such opportunities prevent you from restricting yourself to local market.

5. Establish international presence

Becoming an exhibitor in such expos with such high range of reach will also enhance the reach of your brand. Establishing international presence can be easily kindles by such expos, you get a fair idea of the foreign market with one time effort. Your brand stands an excellent chance of getting attention from various other healthcare brands who may be potential buyers. Enlarge your B2B service opportunities through this international expo.

6. Unmatched global exposure

Arab Health Expo has more than 160+ countries participating form all parts of the world. The largest healthcare expo in MENA region is putting up a healthcare show in such huge scale which lets doyens across continents contribute to the healthcare synergy. Arab Health expo 2019 promises a great breakthrough for every healthcare brand that is curious about the industry’s worldwide presence.

7. Check out latest trends

Such international expos give you an insider’s point of view with respect to what all new methodologies and latest cutting edge medical equipments that are used by biggest brands that have established their presence worldwide. Get to know what are the best practices that are followed by all your competitors and counterparts across the world to take your healthcare business to level next.

BCC Healthcare @ Arab Health Expo - 2019

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