Ultimate guide to healthcare video marketing

Videos are an important part of your marketing schedule powerful tool to communicate what you think is important for your healthcare brand. In this article we’ll tell you different aspects of video for a healthcare brand to increase brand awareness and reach more prospects.

1. Why a video when there are other ways?

90% of the patients do their doctor shopping through

  • Online Search

  • Referral Network

The very sight of their doctor being available on video form makes them visualize their patient journey with you which indeed influence the patient journey.

There is nothing like letting your patients know what you actually are, when you do this there is an unintentional image that they have of you and your professional capabilities which leads them to decide better on their healthcare provider.

Coming to the referral part of it…

People don’t want to trust what they get to hear without having a taste of it all by themselves so they want to catch a good glimpse of what they are being directed to. Hence they find a video to be that one apt resource where they can get an authentic insight to what your healthcare organization or practice is to offer.

a. A direct trust factor

A video directly from the healthcare organization is the most reliable resource a potential patient will depend on. They directly hear it from the horse’s mouth and the trust factor multiplies. When they hear you talking about the

  • Health issue they are searching for

  • A tip to daily life-style

  • Best healthcare solution

  • Any general case studies or FAQs about your specialty

All these infos conveyed directly through a video by you goes on to win that trust that no other form of content can do for you. 74% of the Netizens search something about health related queries online on a daily basis.

b. Easily consumable

You know that your prospects are as busy as you are and don’t have enough time to read every paper or article you publish in all length and breadth. This makes your reasons to take video marketing more seriously than ever.
“Than making it easy for you, make it easy for those whom you are actually making it for”

So, writing a long copy on your website or anything that substitutes for the video format by containing the same content that the video may contain is not a difference for you but it is an actual difference for your patients.
Making your content more digestible and attractive through videos is the only way you can increase the number of leads, conversions and new or fresh league of attention to your healthcare brand.

c. Look more realistic

Looking more accessible and amicable to your prospects I an important part of making your healthcare brand the go-to source for every other prospect. Bring on your team of medical professionals and non-medical professionals, tour your infrastructure and explain your services in the way they like to be told. Videos are the only way you can confront your audience with the real amicability that your healthcare organization promises.

d. Engaging for social media

Social Media channels (all of them) love to have and are definitely greedy about attractive video contant with credible information from the most authentic source. Post a video for a week and you will see your rate of engagements escalating on another level. People are on different social media platforms to consume the best information at the best rate. Videos can make an impression on the go and capitalize attention and persistent follow ups. While you convert engagements to likes then leads there will be a huge follower base for your healthcare brand.

e. Increases brand awareness

Videos are the most powerful medium to market your healthcare practice or organization. Videos have great capability to convey your brand story in the most effective way.
Effective videos will introduce you to your potential patients and partners. Videos induce trust and kindle right emotions at an instant. The scope of visual medium can be used in six different ways for healthcare branding and marketing.

2. Video marketing trends of 2019

Video Marketing has taken a different high in 2019, there are different doctors and different healthcare brands playing around with video marketing in quite interesting & innovative ways which you will read ahead.

a. Live after live

Doctors and healthcare organizations are going live on what they want to show their online audience on that same exact moment.

  • Doctors who clear queries on live sessions

  • Doctors who perform (non evasive) surgeries live

  • Address people on a particular issue

  • Getting happy patients to talk and express on live sessions

  • Telecast live CMEs

b. Stories to sustain a day

Social Media channels having the option to take story uploads are now increasing. Stories are the new growing popular trend because

  • They let you do snap shot promotions

  • Doesn’t stay forever as your online footprint

  • Q&A sessions become more engaging

  • Prospects get to tap through your trail of content

c. Influencer Marketing

There are celebrities who get treated by doctors who in return are ready to market for them. These who already have a set number of adequate followers or have their own magnitude of reach in social media can initiate new attention and convert the ones who are in the most bottom of the funnel.

  • Give them trial procedures and ask them to post on it

  • Ask them to go live from your consultation place

  • Give them a nice set of goodies for hygiene or body wellness so they thank you in social media etc

  • Ask them for a live with you or just a snip video of them talking about your service.

  • The influencers can go live from your clinic or hospital, can tell their community about the service and how better it changed the lives to.

What you really need to concentrate on?

You really need to concentrate on who is the right influencer to bring in the right kind of traffic to your advantage. Study your probable influencers on what they got to offer if you were to strike a deal with them no matter how miniscule the activity may look.

3. 6 Types of videos for a healthcare brand Present information


1. Patient Specific Videos

Videos featuring your patients that appeal to your potential patients can make heads turn take a notice and make them aware about how you have treated your patients and how you have made a difference to their lives can be elaborated through the videos . A visual that shows how much hospitality is incorporated in your hospital and how well your patients are taken care off can strengthen the reasons that people have for choosing you.

2. Physician Spotlight Videos

The hero of your hospital can be put on a pedestal through videos. Each doctor’s achievements, their professional goals and intentions can be brought out in physician spotlight videos. Every patient’s primary requirement for a quality healthcare experience is having a good physician taking care of them. Hence, physician spotlight videos can tell people how your physicians can make their healthcare experience special.

3. Specialty Specific Videos

Videos that explain about one particular specialty can prove to be useful for letting people who have a health issue that is specific to one particular discipline of healthcare. Specialty specific videos cater to the patients who need solution in that particular discipline. These videos explain nuances of medical processes and procedures in ways that people can understand. Animation videos and physician demonstration are the most effective methods of specialty specific videos.

4. Facility Specific Videos

People can make use of your resources only when you let them know about it. Facility specific videos are videos that give an insight into your institution facilitate people to take them inside the healthcare organization without their effort. Videos tours that show every aspect of your infrastructure will let people know that you don’t just have the capability, you have cutting edge equipments and ultra modern interior to cater their needs and necessities. People expect more than quality professional in their healthcare brand hence be mindful about showcasing your best face through videos.

5. Doctor Profile Videos

The hero of your hospital can have exclusive videos that project their body of work, accolades and other feathers in their crown. Doctor profile videos give patients a one-to-one approach. Doctor videos can induce trust in patients , people consider familiarity to go hand in hand with reliability. They want to know their healthcare provider well because they consider them as the face of their healthcare experience.

Your doctors can feature in videos and give interesting interviews that answer FAQs about general health and wellness. Let your physicians share the knowledge that they have through healthcare videos. Doctors can also elaborate on the various procedures that they practice so that people are well informed about the procedure.

6. Case Study Videos

Case study videos are short and anecdotal documentaries that tell about one particular patient’s journey with you or you tell about your journey with a particular patient. Case study stories when converted into videos makes your target audience travel throughout the journey from suffering to agony free life. This strengthens your position as a healthcare provider and projects you as a concerned organization towards your society’s well being. Videos that spell out various virtues of your service through your past patient’s results can be a more effective than cautiously made brand endorsements.

4. How to make videos for your healthcare brand

The process of kick-starting video marketing for your healthcare business is tedious one but believe us it worth it!


Because video marketing will make your healthcare brand discover new set of audience and new prospects in the same old market. Video marketing will boost your online presence exponentially by inviting more engagements than ever.

In this section you will know the exact same process of making, editing and publish a video. Also how to leverage on the reach of a video you have published.


Step 1:

Figure out your strategy to create a video. Start from writing down the purpose behind creating a video that befits your marketing strategy.

Fix your target audience and then look for the behaviors trends that they are establishing all over social media in terms of video engagements and clicks.

Also establish personas to support not just video making practice but the whole marketing plan to stay more targeted and increase the relevancy that you are establishing among your target audience.

Step 2:

Gather a team that supports your initiative to take a good plunge into the video marketing space. Make sure your team consists of a good mix of both technical and non-technical experts to help you in achieving video having great visual quality and content quality.

Step 3:

Start with conceptualization and scripting if needed. Don’t go straight into shooting just because you have decided to make videos for your healthcare brand. Now, go back to your basic purpose behind deciding to make a video and develop a concept based on the same purpose.

Write down a story board with well communicating lines and visuals befitting your whole narrative. Make the story board the roadmap to your final video cut.

Step 4:

Choose what fits video content perfectly and the style of narrative. Especially for healthcare sector please go by the rule book and follow only those practices that don’t violate these norms.

The video is going to set the tone for not just that particular concept that you are going to create but it sets the tonality of interaction for your whole healthcare brand. So, take care that resonates with your target audience in the right way that you want it to.

Make the narrative convey the ultimate purpose behind your healthcare brand in a soft way that reaches your target audience.

Step 5:

Now you are on the field to shoot/ or sit with the animator(if it is an animation video). Go on executing by having the end picture in mind.

Hospital marketing video if it falls under the infrastructure promotion category then concentrate more on visual appeal, if testimonial concentrate on the content and if it is a procedure explanatory video then both the visual and content part has to justify each other.

Make no compromise on any parameter that can compromise on the overall quality of a video.

Step 6:

The final step is always the crucial and that is the edit table. The result is actually decided on the editor’s table. Add necessary captions, animations and other fittings that can enhance the final cut of your video. Make use of cutting edge video making technology equipped with your editor’s expertise in making a healthcare video will help in enriching and highlighting the main content.

Step 7:

Publish the video in Youtube and share it to synergize the digital marketing efforts and increase the brand awareness for your hospital through video marketing. Make enough promotions through your personal brand’s social media handles to reach as much as possible.

Step 8:

Analyze the result of your video through the number of clicks you have you got to your video. Embed it in your website to synchronize the results of your video marketing to actually know what works for your healthcare brand and what doesn’t. Also analyzing the results of your video marketing step can lead to better videos and results in the future.

5. Budget friendly video marketing methods that you should start doing right NOW!

There is no need for you to invest high in your video making project. In the times vlogging becoming more in demand than blogging you only need to adapt the best practices being presented to you and invent nothing new.
There are tools like animoto, vivavideos and others that help you in making tailor made videos for your healthcare brand.

The above is all you need to know to get your video marketing campaign kick-started in the right way. Everything you need to get on to video marketing and rock the show with a lot of powerful social media presence is that zeal and urge to reach as many as you want to.

Cater people with the ultimate kind of content they need, want and consume!

Comment below on what kind of video you want to make, let us know about what you are hesitating about.

If you already have a video marketing plan to adhere to then tell us how it is going and how better you are going to make it with a plan in place.

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