Events and conferences

Events and conferences

BCC Healthcare takes immense interest in organizing, managing and being a part of events that extend the horizon and make us& our clients reach better prospects. Our effort in being a catalyst in increasing the exposure of people in the healthcare circuit has taken great efforts involving perfect synergy of contextual creativity and excellent real-time event marketing strategies.

We have been an active part of international and national events conducted world-wide. Right from expos that exhibit our services to a newer market, conferences that are meant for sharing subject matter expertise and events that are meant for meeting our client’s long term organizational goals we do it all.

Going berserk at opportunities that let us make a larger impact has enabled us to serve our clients to the fullest. We market and manage events for our clients to make their endeavors reach the right people at the right time. Our event marketing strategies have by far been a key source of success for reaching their potential patients or target audience.

1. Exclusive website

For each event and conference we develop an exclusive website that presents all the required information for target audience. We customize our website according to what the event calls for. With apt call-to-action buttons the we see to that your target audience get to make a quick registration.

The website will contain all essentials that give enough reasons for your potential attendees to attend the event. Separate pages for about the event, why to attend the event and FAQs regarding the event can promise a huge increase in number of people who attend the event or conference.

2. Social media promotion

We create and manage social media pages and an exclusive YouTube channel as online marketing is one major driving factor to make any event reach its appropriate target audience. Through exclusive face book page for the event sends timely remainders about the event and through the page you can update all your potential attendees with tit-bits of information about the event.

3. Customized deliverables

We nurture your event since the day you decided to conduct it. From curating the initial promotion, preparing a compelling invite to putting together a perfect conference kit, we do it all keeping the long term goal in mind.

We make sure every deliverable created for the event is in alignment with your brand’s personality. Our creative range from bill board to desk top stationeries to let the effect of our client’s endeavor last long.

4. Post event deliverables and PR

We don’t leave our events unattended even after the D-Day finally gets done. We strongly believe that the success of every event lies in repeating it year after year with increased rate of reach. For this to happen we pay enough care in letting the left out target audience know what they have missed through adequate media coverage. Post event glimpse in Youtube and other social media pages.

Our event deliverables also work as giveaways that your attendees get to enjoy. This will make your brand stay with them with a strong eventful memory attached to it.

5. Timely strategies and consultation

Conducting events and conferences are important activities that can work miracles to serve your brand and multiply your brand awareness in manifolds when done right. We provide excellent support to make your brand reach a wider market by supporting each event brought to us with excellent event marketing, promotion and management solutions.

BCC Healthcare promises 360 degree consultation for making each healthcare event and conference successful by letting it reach the target mass and unleash its fullest potential.