What Works in Facebook For Your Hospital ?

Facebook is a blessing in disguise for your healthcare business. Facebook is perhaps the best tool if you are looking for a no money more profit marketing platform. There is a very apparent shift in consumer lifestyle- being active in social media has become more important than being active in social lives. This has perhaps opened up most exciting and efficient ways to market your healthcare business. According to the Healthcare Insight 2017 State of Healthcare Content Marketing Report, 75 percent of healthcare marketers are using social media advertising.

1. Facebook marketing is the most targeted form of marketing

Creating an exclusive page on facebook for your hospital will take you exactly to those people whom you want to reach and to those people who want to reach you. People who are fishing enough information to zero on their solution provider for healthcare will now be able to find you in a way that is far more accessible, informative and attractive. You can create a custom audience using a customer contact list, your website traffic, or activity in your app. Facebook will introduce you to people who need you and also to people who may possibly need you. And the information and thoughtful day-to-day updates you put out on your page will keep reminding people about your healthcare brand.

2. The comprehensive anatomy of a facebook post

A facebook ads can overcome the limitations of an ad in the print medium. A facebook advertisement can be broken-down into components that are people pulling. You can also tailor your ad format in ways you want them to reach people. Facebook allows you to jam-pack your brand’s appeal to people, you can advertise your healthcare brand through thoughtful posters, images, videos and faq(s) in one shot. Facebook posts enables you to plug-in your hospital website or your doctor’s website URL which leads your potential patients to more information about you from tit-bits about you. Facebook has a set list of CTA buttons but enough choices to select something relevant to your offer. Other options include “Download,” “Sign Up,” “Contact Us,” and more.

3. Fastest way to carry out a campaign

Facebook has the power to drive your campaign in faster ways than traditional methods of advertising. Facebook gives you tailor made options according to your campaign’s objective. This lets your campaign remain precisely targeted, targeted campaigns take your appeal to people who are interested to know more about it. You have better chances of leads who will drive your campaign through self initiated facebook shares and will push your brand promotional activity forward.

4. The concept of tagging and hash tagging

The concept of tagging and hash-tagging is something that remains exclusively special in social media platforms. While tagging allows you to convey each piece of information as a notification for your target audience, hash-tagging unifies every post about a particular event, theme or campaign.

5. Highlight your testimonials and case studies through facebook

Your facebook wall may contain any information that you would like your online followers to know but through dashboard results we find that testimonials and success stories that your service generates on a day to day basis are the ones that are ones that most probably become hits on your hospital page.